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Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Really Effective?

Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Really Effective?

Shaving, and waxing are some of the ways to remove unwanted body hair. One of the most effective way is by using an IPL hair removal system. Permanent hair reduction using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) has become increasingly popular recently.


Have you always wanted smooth skin without the hassle of shaving or the pain of waxing? Tired of the constant battle with body hair?

This is why IPL Hair Removal might be the best option for you.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) Hair Removal: Is it Good Enough?


The treatment of IPL involves light that have been filtered at the proper wavelengths so as to facilitate the removal of body hair. IPL works better on thick, dark hair than on fine, light hair. You may need to have several treatments to achieve your desired result.


Does IPL Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

The sensation feels like a cross between a plastic band pinging against your skin and the mild electric shock you often get from touching the hand rail on escalators.

It's ok to feel more uncomfortable in certain areas where the skin tends to be more sensitive such as along your top lip and bikini line but as the sessions go on and the hair decreases, the feeling decreases, too.


The SUCCESS of IPL laser hair removal is dependent on: 


Your skin type play a big role. IPL laser works best on light skin and it is not compatible with darker skin colors. Most Asian, European and Middle Eastern women should be able to use it, but African, Indian, and most Native American women will have too dark of skin for it to work.


IPL laser hair removal treatment is most recommended for women with brown or black hair.


A number of women have reported that their bikini area and armpits worked out much better than their legs. That may be due to the type of hair in those areas.


The life of an IPL system is determined by the number of flashes each bulb is rated for. MICO BEAUTY IPL laser handles 400,000 flashes (12 years of use).


Slow Results

The results of IPL laser treatment are far more permanent than epilators or razors and you don’t have to remove hairs as often. But, it can take several weeks or months for you to achieve the results you desire.


The Pros and Cons Of IPL Laser Hair Removal:


The treatment works well to get rid of unwanted hair.

The sessions are quicker than with other methods.

The light doesn’t damage the top layers of skin, so you’ll have fewer side effects than with a laser or dermabrasion.

The recovery is fast.



You need to return for several treatments to get the results you want.

IPL doesn’t work well on dark skin and light hair.


Which is better IPL or laser hair removal?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser Hair Removal are both light-based hair removal methods but aren't the same.

IPL Laser - it uses a broad spectrum of visible light wavelengths as a result it cannot be focused on a concentrated area. The general rule is that the darker the skin, the more unsafe IPL is. If you think about it, dark colors naturally absorb more light. Because of the way IPL works, this can lead to burns or other negative side effects for darker skin tones. 

Laser Hair Removal - it uses concentrated light beams that emit targeted and controlled bursts of light that penetrate small areas, damaging the hair follicles and causing hair growth to slow significantly or, in many cases, stop altogether. In addition, laser hair removal is expensive as it costs $200-$400 per session.

Both of the methods aren't permanent because hair grows in indeterminate cycles, and it needs to be caught in the growth phase for the procedure to be effective. That is why you need to commit to multiple sessions in order to have any chance of success. They are not a one-and-done system.


Keeping yourself hairless in all the right places is a challenge many women experience throughout their lives. 

Ditch the razor and cancel your next waxing appointment. With an IPL laser hair removal device you can treat your body and face of unwanted hairs in a flash, at home, without clinic or professional in sight.


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